Bridgestone MX Tyres


M203/M204 Medium to Soft

The Bridgestone M203 & M204 areĀ Motocross Soft to Medium Terrain tyres offering riders:

  • Front tyre unilateral block pattern maximises linear grip and response under braking and acceleration
  • Improved gap absorption and contact feel add more line choice for riders
  • Superior grip and traction for high power four stroke engines

This tyre is not highway suitable.

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Bridgestone Battlecross E50 ENDURO Tyre
Size LI/SS
Front (M203) 60/100-14 30M
M203 70/100-17 40M
M203 70/100-19 42M
Size LI/SS
Rear (M204) 80/100-12 41M
M204 90/100-14 49M
M204 90/100-16 52M